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March 20, 2013

Thuraya and OneAccess Partner to Create Revolutionary Broadband Connectivity Enhancements

Today, there's a new mobile workforce on the rise that is compromised of employees, entrepreneurs, and executives that travel constantly as part of their work, making the biggest challenge facing the mobile worker at this moment is connectivity. Often times, you travel to destinations that do not have the connectivity or stability necessary to maintain a direct line with people you're trying to communicate with. In such a situation, there's only one type of connection that's reliable enough to keep you afloat: A satellite connection.

Since a satellite connection gives you a direct line into space, there's almost no place in the world where you won't achieve a connection. Companies have started to capitalize on this possibility, developing modems that provide connectivity to customers via satellite. Thuraya Telecommunications Company is a provider of such technologies.

Last week Thuraya announced a partnership with its solution partner OneAccess, a manufacturer of specialized multi-service routers and Ethernet access devices for carriers, to provide its users of Thuraya's IP terminals with three new solutions that will give them better satellite connectivity and more flexibility in the marketplace.

Ahmed AL Shamsi, the CTO of Thuraya, said, "Today's mobile worker, whether in the corporate or media sector, demands secure, high-speed connection coupled with the ability to transfer and transmit files without sacrificing workload capacity through their IP terminals. Thuraya and OneAccess recognize this and have developed these solutions to enhance IP performance to support the needs of our users."

Now, all of Thuraya customers that utilize the Thuraya IP terminal will have additional access to these solutions: a Virtual Private Network that works through an advanced router at a connection 10 times faster than previously available, link bonding that accelerates and compresses transmissions by bonding the streams from multiple IP terminals, and faster surfing speeds through WEBcompress - a method that will minimize the amount of packets transferred and will cut load times on web pages by up to 75 percent.

The new solutions make better use of the limited bandwidth capabilities of satellite connections, which currently max out at just above 400 kbps on Thuraya's IP terminals.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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