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March 21, 2013

Retriever Communications Demonstrates High Volume Server Capability for Mobile Enterprise Apps

Based on the results of testing done on its mobile enterprise server infrastructure, mobile apps development company Retriever Communications claims that it has the ability to service over 16,000 user data requests per minute. According to company officals, the tests were completed on a single server Amazon AWS cloud, highlighting the simplicity of required infrastructure when working at high throughput.

According to Retriever Communications, the tests indicate that the company has the ability to provide enterprises with the security, reliability and scalability needed in a business application-heavy environment.

In a statement, Mary Brittain-White, CEO at Retriever Communications, said, "Historically consumer-focused, the mobile market is seeing a huge shift in enterprise adoption. However, as organizations and developers create applications to meet this rising demand their concerns become the corporate must-haves of scalability and security,"  "Strikingly, the ability to scale commercial apps hasn't been successfully demonstrated by the 'Old Guard' IT players that have entered the mobility market. We're fixing that at Retriever and these tests are the first proof point," added Brittain-White.

Additionally, research firm Checkpoint highlights that 89 percent of enterprises have tablets and smartphones connecting to networks and these devices are being used by employees to access mobile applications in order to do work in the office and in the field. Therefore, the mobile cloud that supports these transactions must be scalable and reliable, according to Checkpoint.

MGI Research’s Managing Director Andrew Dailey Andrew Dailey commented, "As more and more companies adopt a 'Mobile First' approach to their application portfolio, the demand for reliable, scalable business applications that run anywhere, on any device, is growing. More than just deploying to thousands of users, companies place a premium on reliability and data integrity across a diversity of networks, devices, and enterprise applications. We're at the very beginning of a shift to industrial-grade mobile applications, and the market is wide open."

Retriever Communications is touted as delivering its solutions under both software licensing and cloud models. Its Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) has a write-once, deploy natively approach.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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