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March 21, 2013

Vibes Launches MRM Solution Pass Manager

Vibes, a provider of mobile marketing and technology, has just unveiled a new marketing solution: Pass Manager.  The offering is powered via its mobile relationship marketing (MRM) platform, Catapult.

What is special about this new solution is that retailers are able to provide consumers with offers that are relevant to their proximity to the store, like a more advanced version of the proximity-based deals offered to FourSquare users. This reminder of offers, the company says, creates a sense of urgency with the consumer and “drives the consumer in store to redeem an offer while it is top of mind and convenient.”

In a recent statement, Vibes described the product as “easy-to-use,” calling it a “first-to-market solution” that “allows retailers and brands to distribute compelling location-aware mobile experiences in minutes.” Company officials add that the product also “enables marketers to use multiple mobile channels, such as text, mobile Web and push notifications, in conjunction with the mobile wallet functionality of Passbook.” This, the company says, is crucial, and they put “maximizing reach” at the forefront of their mission.

Just as customer relationship management (CRM) software has become a critical component of many businesses, so, too, will mobile relationship management solutions. Vibes is ahead of the curve in an industry that offers exciting developments and potential for rapid growth. 

In his mobile-focused podcast, Mobile Mixed, personality Greg Hickman conducted an interview outlining the benefits of MRM.  However in his written description of the show, Hickman admitted that he had not heard of MRM before that show and alluded that most of his listeners, who are all presumably, interested in the mobile market, had not heard of it yet, either. 

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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