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March 27, 2013

Mushroom Networks and T-Mobile Distributor One Shop Wireless Deliver Broadband Bonding Solutions for Improved WAN Performance

Today, one thing you can never have enough of is bandwidth. One way to have twice as much bandwidth is to have two lines, but getting them to work together isn't simple. So, Broadband Bonding is a technology that has been developed to aggregate WAN connections in order to create a faster and more reliable enterprise grade Internet connection cost effectively. Put simply, broadband bonding is a process which involves combining several ADSL or SDSL lines in order to increase the reliability and speed of a connection.

One known provider of Broadband Bonding technology, Mushroom Networks, Inc., recently decided to sign an agreement with One Shop Wireless, Inc., a national T-Mobile USA Business Partner Sales Master Agent based in Tampa, Fla., to bring Broadband Bonding solutions to businesses all over the country. This agreement will deliver the patent-pending Broadband Bonding product line to T-Mobile clients as well as enhances One Shop Wireless’ solution portfolio of voice, video and data to failover solutions.

“This strategic partnership gives our T-Mobile customers the cost-effective, intelligent and flexible router solutions they require, and provides them with the tools necessary to more effectively manage bandwidth across wireless and wireline connections,” said Gillian Foley, vice president of One Shop Wireless, in a statement.

Mushroom Networks unique WAN aggregation solution is highly scalable that meets the needs of enterprise, mid- and small-sized business entities and enables them to aggregate, monitor and manage multiple Internet connections, according to Foley. The company provides patent pending Broadband Bonding solutions to a range of Internet connection applications. Additionally, its flagship product line serves SMBs, enterprises, multitenant buildings and broadband service providers and bonds dissimilar broadband access technologies forming a single highly reliable broadband pipe that can easily scale based on needs.

In addition, One Shop Wireless is an exclusive Business Partner Sales (BPS) Master Agent for T-Mobile.  With more than 10 years of wireless experience, One Shop Wireless selects GSM mobile solution and application partners to enable enterprise and small business clients manage their business effectively in a wireless environment. 

“Partnering with One Shop Wireless, a national T-Mobile partner and leading wireless management and failover solutions provider, will expand our reach to more businesses, and open new doors for our innovative Broadband Bonding technology,” said Cahit Jay Akin, CEO of Mushroom Networks.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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