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April 03, 2013

Webalo, Mobelisk Sign Cross-Promotion Deal

Webalo, a provider of real-time operational intelligence mobile apps, and Mobelisk, a manufacturer of Android devices designed for business, will cross-promote each other’s technologies.

While BYOD (bring your own device) might be fashionable in some IT quarters, Mobelisk’s tablet can be locked down to only allow the apps a company wants to run, so that employees can focus on the task at hand. Webalo will recommend the tablet as one of the devices its application can run on.

“Even in the era of BYOD there are still many businesses that want to use dedicated devices that have none of the distractions of an employee’s personal device – things like social media and music,” Webalo CEO Peter Price said. “Mobelisk is a natural choice for those enterprises, and Webalo can let them add any enterprise data and task to a Mobelisk tablet.”

Mobelisk’s proposed applications for the tablet include fleet management, retail and mobile payment. Retail customers can thin out lines by having cashiers process payments while the customers stand in line, without even having to reach the register, leading to increased sales as fewer shoppers simply give up when faced with long lines.

The biggest advantage is security.

“Security is vital in every business, and it’s even more essential as transactions take place on mobile devices,” Mobelisk’s CEO Dennis Hamann observes. “Mobelisk builds in security with options like password protection, encryption, time-outs, non-persistent data, and integration with third-party mobile device management [MDM]. Webalo enhances those protections with its own encryption and the enforcement of Active Directory and LDAP permission-based security, which is the same protocol used on desktops and laptops. It’s an ideal combination.”

Webalo is also adding to its “Team Webalo” portfolio with a partnership with ProConversions Corporation, a company providing document management, document capture, workflow and mobile solutions.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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