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April 08, 2013

Image Searcher's Mobile Visual Search App for iOS CamFind is Four Times More Accurate than Google Goggles

Image Searcher, Inc. considers itself a small group of enthusiastic iOS and Web developers. It specializes in image recognition and mobile search technology and is located in Los Angeles, CA.

Today, Image Searcher Inc. is launching a free mobile visual search application for iOS. The name of the app is CamFind and is as easy as snapping a photo with your iPhone. You initiate the CamFind app and take a picture of anything you want to learn more about.

There are other companies out there now that have similar products. Google has Google Goggle, Amazon has A9 and IQ Engines has oMoby. The difference between CamFind and the others is that it boasts an 85 percent accuracy rate. If that is not enough, it also boasts a 15 second or less response time and an ability to identify images from any angle.

Dominik Mazur, CEO and co-founder of Image Searcher Inc., said, “In September 2012, traditional desktop search declined for the first time in history, while mobile search volume increased. We saw this as an opportunity to reinvent the mobile search by combining mobile users’ passion for photography and discovering new information.”

CamFind is designed to give the “on-the-go” user easy access to mobile visual searching. Once you open the app and take a picture of an object it will immediately be identified. You will then get a few options: an Internet search, related similar images, price comparisons and online shopping, as well as related places, address finder and movie trailers.

If you take a picture of something like a handbag or briefcase, CamFind will be able to tell you where you can purchase that or a similar object and a price comparison for it. Some additional features are a language translator, a QR and barcode reader, voice and text searching and the ability to save to or upload an image to the camera roll, among others.

Image Searcher has had some past experience with image recognition. It has an app called TapTapSee for iOS. This product is designed to help blind people. It is a very simple product; you turn the app and VoiceOver on and you point your iDevice’s camera at an object. A beep lets you know when the object is in focus and as the name suggests, you tap, tap the screen and take a picture. Within seconds, VoiceOver tell you what the object was identified as. You can also take a picture of a written document and it will read it to you.

With an 85-percent accuracy rate as compared to something like Google Goggle’s 15 percent-20 percent accuracy, you can see how impressive it is. In addition to the above mentioned uses, CamFind will be able to tell you other information. Say, for instance, that you are hungry and the restaurant you are going to is closed, you can take a picture of the name and Camfind will let you know where you can find another location.

Think about how helpful the language translator can be if you are in a country and don’t understand the language. You can take a picture of a sign and have Camfind tell you what it says. With an 85-percent accuracy rate, you stand a very good chance of not making a fool of yourself by ordering something on a menu and not knowing what it is until it is in front of you.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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