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April 09, 2013

Virgin Mobile Bets 100 Bucks You'll Ditch T-Mobile

Too bad for everyone already using Virgin Mobile – this deal is for Virgin virgins only. The company is now promising to give away $100 to any T-Mobile customer who makes the switch. 

Virgin Mobile's marketing campaign is called “Retrain Your Brain,” but suggests there's not much training at stake, as the switch to Virgin from T-Mobile is being called a “no brainer” in the company's ad.

Virgin has reason to up its ante against T-Mobile, which has breathed new life into itself as a competitor since it ditched its wireless contracts, instead offering a base $50-per-month phone with unlimited talk and text, along with 500MB of high-speed data (an alternate plan for more money enables customers to expand data capacity to 2.5GN).

T-Mobile will now offer iPhones – a first for the brand – that users can mostly pay off in their monthly plans. T-Mobile's iPhones start pretty cheap, at $99.

 If T-Mobile wants to give a deal, then you bet Virgin Mobile wants to as well – and a better one. The carrier is boosting ads for its Samsung Galaxy S II that is $299.99, which is a bargain when compared to T-Mobile's $413.99 price tag. Add the $100 credit and you're looking at $334 bucks from Virgin Mobile, rewarding you for your loyal abandonment. 

Customers can select from one of the Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk plans, then transfer their existing T-Mobile phone number and activate the new phone. But interested parties have to act relatively fast to get that hundo. Users must make the switch before May 31. They'll get their money within 30 days of transitioning.

Edited by Braden Becker

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