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April 10, 2013

iPhone Fever: 48 Percent of U.S. Teens use an iPhone, 62 Percent to Buy One Next

It's 10 p.m., do you know where your children are? GPS those babies! Because wherever they are, they're probably on their iPhones – and if they aren't yet, they soon will be.

Piper Jaffray's bi-annual teen survey, released on Tuesday, revealed the unsurprising: Apple is the most desired brand among American teenagers who “care about things like smartphones and tablets.” (Wait, there are teens who don't?)

The study was conducted via classroom visits and electronic surveys of 1,600 teens from high-income families that average $104,000 a year, and from 3,600 teens from average-income families that pull in about $54,000 annually.

Here are the major takeaways of the study:

  • 48 percent of teens already own an iPhone; just last fall, the percentage was at 40.
  • 62 percent (same as last fall) are planning on making an iPhone their next mobile device purchase.
  • 91 percent of teens say they plan to buy a smartphone for their next high-tech device – up from 86 percent last spring and 90 percent last fall.
  • 59 percent (same as in fall) say they're likely to buy an iOS device.
  • 21 percent are likely to buy an Android device (up from 21 percent last fall).
  • 70 percent of teens from high-income families prefer iOS.
  • 23 percent plan to purchase an Android phone – up one-percent from last fall.
  • 51 percent already own a tablet.
  • The only drop for Apple is in the iPad department; sixty-eight percent of teens own iPads, down from 72 percent.
  • 68 percent, however, plan to buy an iPad (54 percent full size/14 percent Mini).
  • 17 percent of teens plan on buying a tablet in the next six months – down from 20 percent last fall

The survey can be downloaded at
Taking Stock With Teens. It also includes information about teen fashion trends, which you are probably incredibly curious about.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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