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April 16, 2013

Logitech Releases Two Smartphone-Focused Remote Control Offerings

The mobilization of technology has been pretty apparent since smartphones caught on as the next step in computing. For example, touchscreen technology has advanced rapidly to a point that it is viable in a broader range of applications, while mobile apps have become an easy way to add convenience to all types of technology, from refrigerators, to home theater systems to remote controls.

Indeed, Logitech's Harmony line of advanced universal remote controls has already integrated touch into its evolution, and has today moved on to mobile app integration with the release of the Harmony Ultimate.

The Harmony Ultimate comes equipped with everything you need in a remote control, with a full array of buttons, a touchscreen, control over a vast array of electronics — even certain lighting systems — and easy setup via the Harmony Web interface. However, since the Harmony Ultimate is compatible with the Logitech Harmony Smartphone apps, any iOS or Android device can fill in as the remote control when needed.

"We've elevated the universal remote to the next level, taking a personalized approach to home entertainment," said Joerg Tewes, vice president of Logitech's digital home business group, in a statement. "Furthermore, our Harmony product line is no longer just about entertainment access — we've designed the Logitech Harmony Ultimate so you can also control your home's lighting. Now you can tune the TV, start a movie and adjust your lights to set the mood, with the touch of your finger."

Meanwhile, for those who would rather just skip the remote altogether, Logitech also released the Harmony Smart Control, a system that essentially makes your smartphone the primary controller. The system does still come with a basic physical remote, though, in case your smartphone is unavailable.

The Harmony Smart Control features the same compatibility as the Ultimate, providing similar functionality at a lower price.

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