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April 22, 2013

Seth and The Socially Responsible Contract

Fixed term cell phone contracts are becoming a thing of the past and consumers are experiencing a freedom to choose their providers, phones, and plans with a newly awakened sense of liberty. But what of the bad memories? For some, the trauma of being locked into an inflexible mobile plan has left a scar on society. What used to be an industry of taking has now stepped in the opposite direction with a phone service that gives to charity.

PTel Mobile, launched in December by PlatinumTel Communications under the creed of doing away with the restrictions of multi-year contracts, will be launching GIV Mobile on May 15, 2013, where its customers will be earning karma when they pay their bills. Using T-mobile’s 4G network, consumers can expect to feel the warm and fuzzy feeling of philanthropy while using the high-speed service. Here is how it works:

PTel Mobile users purchase one of two unlimited service packages and in addition to their talk, text, and data plans, customers choose up to three charities through a branching category tree. After the charities have been chosen, eight percent of each monthly bill is divided evenly between those charities. It’s like having a toll-free charity number integrated directly into your mobile device. It’s giving on demand

GIV Mobile will be shown off at a pre-release event on April 25, 2013 in Los Angeles. The philanthropic service provider is the premier sponsor of comedic actor Seth Rogen’s event, the Hilarity For Charity House Party: an annual benefit for Americans with alzheimer's disease that promises an entertaining comedy star-studded variety show for the purchase of a ticket.

Image via Hilarity for Charity

On working with Rogen and the Alzheimer’s Association, the founder of GIV Mobile Omar Aquel remarked, “...we are very humbled and honored to be amongst such great company of socially conscious people as we introduce GIV Mobile.”

The Alzheimer’s Association, however, is just one of 37 charities GIV Mobile customers will be able to choose from when purchasing the service plan. From science and nature, to humanities and the arts, to social services and health, it looks like this cell phone plan stands to benefit everyone that uses a cell phone.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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