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April 24, 2013

Sex, Drugs and Mobile Brand Identity

It’s all about accessibility in today’s marketing world, and nothing makes a brand more livable than an intuitive mobile experience. A sleek, consistent and focused mobile site can ensure that a business doesn’t only exist in a patron’s Twitter feed, but in their phone, and therefore their lives, as well. At least this is the hope of Hard Rock International.

Useablenet has taken this demand for mobile brand experience and capitalized its way to number 75 on Forbes’ America’s Most Promising Companies list, published in February. The company is applying some of its user experience chops to Hard Rock International’s mobile site that was announced today.

Built to cater to the 30-40 percent of web traffic attributed to HardRock.com’s mobile visitors, Hard Rock International’s main focus is to increase brand loyalty with an intuitive mobile experience.

From the front page of the new mobile site, users are treated to a welcome portal with drop down menu controls, links to information about each branch on the Hard Rock empire from cafes, to casinos and resorts, right back to a shop through which a shirt raising money for human rights with the band U2 can be purchased. There is also an actively changing banner keeping the curious Hard Rock acolyte up to date with news and events, as well as a link allowing visitors to sign up to Hard Rock’s rewards program.

Acting as a link between digital properties and physical ones, the site is compatible with GPS features, allowing users to find the nearest Hard Rock Cafe or to make reservations at resorts, casinos or hotels. The memorabilia library features high resolution images, complementing a tap-to-zoom feature for those curious about the stitching on Ringo Starr’s Sgt. Peppers costume.

Hard Rock International has identified itself as a brand whose digital presence is extremely important. The mobile experience provided by Useablenet is meant to complement Hard Rock’s social media presence and, according to Kim Matlock, senior director of digital marketing and CRM, will be focused on “as a key way to engage our customers moving forward."

Edited by Alisen Downey

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