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April 24, 2013

Perfecto Mobile Rolls Out Cloud-based Mobile Application Performance Platform

Mobile application testing provider Perfecto Mobile has launched a new cloud-based mobile application performance platform called MobileCloud Performance. The platform, which is designed for enterprises, includes remote manual testing, functional automation and performance testing, as well as a range of integrations to leading development, testing and ALM platforms.

The new performance tool is designed to help businesses gain insight into end-user experiences in simulated real-world conditions using devices and networks, according to Eran Yaniv, CEO of Perfecto Mobile. As more businesses tap into mobile applications to reach customers, the user experience is a high priority – driving the need for accurate mobile performance testing.

“Mobile applications are becoming the direct channel to reaching the customer and are one of the most valuable and vulnerable points of contact. End users have come to expect a flawless experience, and the penalty for poor performance is harsh and swift. As a result, enterprises are under pressure to launch a mobile application that exceeds high customer expectations, not only for usability and functionality, but also the user demands for quick response time and availability,” Yaniv explained in a statement. “Every device handles and reacts differently to varying network and load conditions, due to utilization of limited native resources (such as CPU, memory and battery life). As mobile applications become mission-critical for organizations, the need for optimal application performance increases.”

With 67 percent of enterprises today rating efficiency of performance as their top priority for mobile testing activity, measuring the mobile end-user experience in real world conditions is imperative.

Developers can use Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud Performance solution to test end-user experiences on real, local devices to complete the end-to-end testing before production – after building and functionally testing their applications.

Company officials touted the following benefits of MobileCloud Performance:

  • Forecasts the impact of real world conditions on business success criteria with mobile user-facing metrics
  • Provides visibility into performance bottlenecks through simulation of real world network conditions by integrating network virtualization technology from Shunra
  • Enables improvements to application behavior in production via detailed analysis of network, platform, and device performance – impacting factors like CPU usage, memory consumption, battery drain, etc.
  • Leverages existing investment in proven performance tools via integrations with top solution vendors

In December, Perfecto Mobile achieved more than 100 percent revenue and employee growth year-over-year, established a customer base of more than 500 organizations, released its MobileCloud Monitoring solution and raised $15 million in the company's third round of financing.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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