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April 25, 2013

With SpeakingPhoto, a Picture Can Now Say a Thousand Words

Those using iPhones and iPads can add a little fun to their photos with the new photo app SpeakingPhoto. SpeakingPhoto will allow users to add voice and sound to photos taken on their iOS devices and instantly upload their interactive images to Facebook, YouTube and emails.

MD Design’s new app will create a way for friends and family to be a part of events they are not able to attend. SpeakingPhoto makes it possible for people to make comments or tell the story behind a special photo while on vacation. This should prove to be very useful for military and service people, who miss so many events at home with their families while serving overseas.

SpeakingPhoto is not only for social use, but can also be used to increase the productivity of companies. Insurance adjusters can save time by talking about the details of what is taken in the photo, rather than stopping to take notes and then having to transcribe them later. Real estate agents can dictate notes to a photo about properties they are planning on listing. The lag time for communications between people in the field and the home office can be minimized by being able to attach the photo with spoken to notes sent via email.

Dawn Davis, the founding partner and chief executive officer, said of this new innovation, “SpeakingPhoto grew out of a desire to capture the sweet and fleeting sound of children’s voices – something home videos tend to diminish. From there, we realized that capturing stories, and the emotions behind them, was extremely meaningful.  It quickly became apparent that this app can be used in many creative, fun and compelling ways, by people all over the world.”

SpeakingPhoto can be found in three forms through the iTunes App Store. SpeakingPhoto Lite is a free version that will allow users to enjoy the basic functions of shoot, speak and share. SpeakingPhoto for iPhone will cost users 99 cents to use the basic functions of the free version, with the added function of being able to “speak” on existing archived photos and creating a slide show with up to five speaking photos to give a more complete story about what is happening in a given situation. iPad users will have to pay $2.99 for an app similar to the iPhone app but is specially designed for the Apple tablet.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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