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April 25, 2013

BlackBerry Highlighted as the Perfect Gadget When On the Go

While some iPhone lovers out there may not agree with the above headline, Blackberry’s extensive portfolio was recently highlighted as being ideal in scenarios in which the individual leveraging the device is moving around from location to location.

According to a recent piece featured on IT News Africa, “Not only does a BlackBerry smartphone help you to stay in touch with the people back home through e-mail and voice, it also helps you to find your way around foreign territory, plan your travels, track your expenses and entertain yourself during those long hours in airport lounges.”

Taking a closer look at specific smartphones within the company’s large suite of next-generation products, the BlackBerry Curve 8310, BlackBerry Pearl 8110 and BlackBerry 8800 smartphones are great for traveling due to the fact that they all power robust GPS functions and Google Maps that when combined, eliminate the chance of you ever being lost -- at a dead end, in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain, and halfway across the globe -- from ever happening again.

Additionally, various travel-related applications are available via BlackBerry phones that make the wearying travel experience much more bearable. While TravelMate Live serves as a guide that encompasses a variety of elements that you must remain mindful of when hitting the road, including the money you’ve spent on your travels and the ever-helpful currency converter, the also-included BEIKS’ Dictionaries and Translators will assist you in correctly speaking the native language of whichever country you’re visiting. The piece added, “And with features like audio pronunciation, you’ll never get lost in translation.”

Image via ars technica

Earlier this month, Blackberry revealed it had netted a profit of approximately $98 million in only three months. Industry analysts who have long forecast the demise of the company were proven wrong once again after their original predictions were that the company was actually headed toward the red.

One of the primary reasons for the uptick in revenue was the introduction of the Blackberry Z10, which has already sold one million units. Company CEO Thorsten Heins said that around 55 percent of its newly attained users were purchasing the Z10 after moving away from other popular platforms including iOS and Android.

"We're pretty excited by the stats we're getting from the market," CBS reported Heins as saying. "It's a strong testament to the strength of the product and differentiating elements."

In spite of the fact that the smartphone’s launch date was pushed back by nearly a month due to reasons related to testing, since its debut critics have highlighted the product in a very favorable light.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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