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April 29, 2013

Switchpoint Solutions Emerges Victoriousfrom Cloud of Innovation

When everything starts moving to the cloud, it is important not to be left behind, grounded, scrambling for a solution that no one else has thought of yet. New solutions can give companies the escape velocity to reach the altitude where business will be done in the near future. Genband continues to push itself to the front of the line.

Last year, the IP solutions company announced the Genband 2012 Developer Challenge. The goal every year is to encourage third-party creativity and innovation for a selected Genband platform. The 2011 iteration of the contest focused on leveraging the GENBAND A2 Communications Application Server, and this most recent challenge tasking developers to make apps that can run with Genband’s EXPERiUS Unified Communications program.

Taking place across multiple strategy categories, the challenge brought developers into various arenas, all supporting EXPERiUS. The winners were announced on Thursday, and the top three winners in all categories were showcased in a press release.

Switchpoint Solutions was awarded first place overall, and the $20,000 prize that accompanies that distinction, having developed a product that works with IP phones. The winning app is a personnel detector that notifies the user of entry to his or her office, whether it be an office area or home, via an alert sent to a mobile device. The option to video call when alerted is available for IP Phone users with this service.

The second and third place overall awards went to MondaGo and AiFlex, respectively. Productivity was the name of the game for MondaGo, which developed an integration platform, and AiFlex, which created a translation device that can reinterpret instant messaging conversations into 25 different languages.

Switchpoint also won an honorable mention in the IP phone category for its Divert app, which allows users to pick up incoming calls from different devices.

With the winners announced, Genband is clearly pushing EXPERiUS as an arena for more than just traditional cloud services like those offered by Intelli-Flex, who recently announced the EXPERiUS powered iFlexCloud.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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