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May 13, 2013

New Cermetek Sensors have CDMA Options

Moving the data collected by machine-to-machine (M2M) communications into the cloud gives customers a better platform in which to access the information. With the right software set up it is possible to view the data from sensors at any time and from anywhere with devices equipped with browsers. Cermetek has introduced a new CDMA cellular radio for its AquaMon and CH2178 iController to give customers a new communications option for the data they gather with their sensors.

AquaMon is a Web-based system designed to manage precision agriculture for vineyards, orchards or farms. In the past this system was connected to the Internet only through a GSM modem. Having a CDMA option gives customers access to different CDMA service providers including Verizon. The importance of having a CDMA option in rural areas where service is limited cannot be underestimated. By having multiple options farmers will be able to access the information with more reliability.

The RSVP software designed by Cermetek processes, stores, and analyzes the data collected from sensors in the field. It gives growers a tool in which they can monitor different parameters in their field by controlling pumps and valves from a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. This software manages the database for all iController applications on the company secure Web server. It builds a unique database for all the data coming from the sensor node, allowing the user to set input data limits and receive notifications when it exceeds the limitations.

"The cellular link to the Web server is critical in these applications. Unfortunately, service providers don't provide uniform coverage, particularly to rural areas. We can't improve cellular service but we can give our customers a choice so they receive the best service for their area," said Cermetek President Henry Roskos.

The CH 2178 provides remote monitoring through the Web. As the most basic iController system it provides a single autonomous sensor node connecting a power monitor, temperature sensor, three analog sensor inputs, two digital sensor inputs, two digital outputs, and a switch closure output to the Cermetek secure server through cellular, Ethernet, GSM, satellite link, Wi-Fi and now CDMA.

The data collecting capability of the CH 2178 can be applied for power monitor, HVAC equipment monitor, process control, process integrity monitor and monitoring motors or generators.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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