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May 20, 2013

i-Mobb Helps Travelers Stay In Touch, Time For Wi-Fi to Catch Up

The world keeps getting smaller for the mobile customer with wanderlust. As new technology in every sector makes the idea of moving from country to country easier, it is becoming more annoying than ever to have your communication restricted under the threat of a terrifyingly huge phone bill once you arrive home. VoIP services have been making international communications very easy and affordable for the homesick and i-Mobb is trying to broaden that accessibility.

The best-selling, free-roaming VoIP app is now available for the first time on Android devices as well as those running iOS. i-Mobb essentially allows users to easily take cost-saving measures without going through the tedious motions of changing SIM cards, uploading contacts, or learning to use a new device.

Signing up for i-Mobb is easy, and accessibility is the platform on which the company chooses to stand. Competing services that lock users into long-term contracts are met with i-Mobb’s promise of flexible subscriptions that can be purchased for travel stints as small as one week. It’s available to residents of eight countries, and now across multiple platforms.

The promise of unlimited calls for low subscription prices when traveling abroad without commitment might seem too good to be true, but there are still major restrictions to VoIP solutions regardless of how much users are paying per call. The big one is the IP part of the equation. With all sorts of VoIP solutions popping up, promising low cost international communications, and old industry pros like Skype still taking up a big piece of the pie, there is only one thing consumers will constantly need to worry about: connectivity.

Free Wi-Fi is not ubiquitous and the jump from 3G to LTE networks is actually giving MSPs an opportunity to reassess the cost of data services. i-Mobb’s official website gives its subscribers the tools to find free Wi-Fi in their various destinations, but the entire point of VoIP on mobile devices is the app’s precious accessibility. Free Public Wi-Fi is making its rounds, but it isn’t nearly as available as it needs to be to turn VoIP into a ringer for traditional mobile services.

This is not an issue that can be addressed by developers of i-Mobb-style apps and it is certainly a shame. As VoIP technology truly enters its maturity, this lack of network access is the only real drawback for companies like i-Mobb, providing it to markets that truly stand to benefit from the accessible service.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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