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May 20, 2013

ANADIGICS Enables Galaxy S4's Cellular and Wi-Fi Connectivity

ANADIGICS provides radio frequency solutions for cellular, Wi-Fi and infrastructure markets for OEMs and ODMs for mobile devices, cable-TV infrastructure, base station and industrial applications. Samsung is the latest company to use the ANADIGICS technology for its Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.

The products in the S4 include AWL9581 802.11ac front-end IC (FEIC), AWT6651 ProEficient power amplifier (PA), AWT6624 HELP4 PA, and AWC6323 HELP3E dual-band PA.

Each component was chosen by Samsung because of the superior level of function it provides for the new generation of its smartphones. The 802.11 ac FEICs takes advantage of the InGaP-Plus technology and design for a high-performance power amplifier (PA), low noise amplifier (LNA) and RF switch on a single chip. By integrating all these components in one unit, it gives customers more reliability and valuable real estate for the manufacturer, an increasingly diminishing asset in smartphones.

The AWL9581 5 GHz FEIC uses the same InGaP-Plus to extend battery life in mobile applications. It delivers the industry's lowest current consumption with error vector magnitude (EVM) and noise figure performance. This provides an ultra-high data throughput, which is important in an increasingly data intensive market.

The ProEfficient HELP4 and HELP3E power amplifiers use unique design architecture with InGaP-Plus to provide an efficient use of the battery on the device in low power mode to extend talk time for the consumer. In high power mode, it minimizes current consumption when data services are being used in 3G and 4G networks. Again, this greatly increases the battery life.

Each region and carrier uses different ANADIGICS component. China Mobile uses the AWT6651, U+ in Korea uses the AWT6624 and China Unicom uses the AWC6323.

"We are ecstatic to enable both WiFi and cellular connectivity in the new Samsung Galaxy S4,” said Ron Michels, chairman, president and CEO of ANADIGICS. “The selection of ANADIGICS' differentiated, battery-saving solutions for this flagship device not only exemplifies the tremendous performance advantages offered by our products, but also the strength of our relationship with Samsung. Our goal is to continue to support Samsung through each successive generation of mobile connectivity."

Edited by Alisen Downey

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