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May 21, 2013

SAP AG Partners with Mocana on New Security Application

SAP AG has entered into a new strategic partnership with Mocana, a global security platform. Together, the two companies will work on reselling Mocana’s mobile security application coined Mocana Mobile App Protection with a SAP added technology.

SAP AG, based in Germany, is a multinational software corporation that makes software to enhance business operations and customer relations. The company has worked on enterprise resource planning application systems, management, data warehouse, and more. As technology continued to advance, SAP made changes to its application software that has enhanced its features. It seemed like a natural transition for a partnership on an application with Mocana.

The newly named SAP Mobile App Protection solution by Mocana is designed to provide secure mobile app management capabilities to customers. It will enable customers to benefit from security enhancements without the need to know how to code. Additionally, it will help customers expedite the deployment of secure mobile apps while tightening up security policies.

President of the Mobile Division at SAP, SanJay Poonen, said this partnership would help SAP take its services to the nest level. Poonen commented, "SAP is leading the way in partnering with some of the most successful startup companies in the mobile market today. In working with Mocana, one of the fastest-growing privately-held security platform providers in the world, we plan to bring a new, innovative best-of-breed solution to our customers. This announcement helps reaffirm our commitment to be at the forefront of enterprise mobile app security and to provide customers with the highest level of viability, management and security available today."

Adrian Turner, CEO, Mocana, agreed with Poonen and said this new relationship will help Mocana grow adding, "Our partnership with SAP helps cement Mocana as the market's leading app security solution, a solution that helps enterprises deploy and manage the 'long tail' of specialized apps they use every day. Whether it's application development, device management, scalable app distribution or now application security, SAP continues to see what matters most for enterprise mobility ahead of the rest."

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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