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May 30, 2013

TriQuint Semiconductor Introduces Wireless Backhaul Infrastructure

TriQuint Semiconductor has recently unveiled a suite of new products designed for wireless backhaul.

"Point-to-point radio plays a vital role in sustained mobile network growth. TriQuint's leadership in high frequency solutions now includes complete RF chipsets that simplify design and improve performance,” James L. Klein, vice president and general manager for Infrastructure and Defense Products at TriQuint, said in a statement.

As useful as smartphones and tablets are, they’re only as good as the networks they connect to. The networks in turn are only as good as their backhaul: the infrastructure that connects the user to the actual backbone network.

According to Cisco’s Virtual Networking Index, mobile traffic grew by 70 percent in 2012. Traffic is also expected to grow by 66 percent each year through 2017.

The newly launched products include high performance packaged amplifiers, up-and-down converters and voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs). They operate in the 10-27 Ghz ranges.

TriQuint positions microwave technology as an ideal solution for backhaul connecting wireless base stations to central switching hubs, saying that microwave radios are cheaper and easier to maintain than other solutions. Microwave radios have broader channel bandwidths at higher frequencies, which TriQuint says can allow for high throughput. This is very important as users watch more video and do other demanding tasks on their mobile devices.

The products will be featured at the IEEE IMS / MTT-S convention and exhibition from June 4-6 in Seattle.

Even with their fancy mobile devices, lots of people just prefer to sit down and watch TV. TriQuint has also introduced some new CATV power doublers that will allow operators to provide better and more reliable TV and Internet service.

“Today's homes, schools and businesses are looking to cable and fiber operators to provide high speed uninterrupted connectivity to ensure access for digital education and entertainment. TriQuint’s GaN and GaAs product innovations are key enablers for the systems,” Klein added.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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