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June 03, 2013

U.S. Cellular Customers Feel Mobile Devices Have Made Life Easier

U.S. Cellular customers who participated in the “Better Moments Online Survey” last month feel that their mobile devices have improved their lives. A large percentage (76 percent) feel that their lives are easier and mobile devices have saved them time in this hustle and bustle world, while more than 30 percent feel that their relationships with their children have improved due to mobile devices.

Dave Kimball, executive vice president and chief marketing officer with U.S. Cellular, says that the survey findings confirm “what we have long known -- that for every family member, from grandparents to kids, mobile technology is embedded in our lives.”

Kimball says, “Mobile devices help us communicate more frequently, share experiences immediately, and generally enrich the quality of our relationships. Whether at home or on-the-go, U.S. Cellular is providing the tools needed to help consumers create, discover, enhance and share life's Better Moments with their families."

Of the people who took the survey, almost 75 percent said that receiving a phone call perks up their day and that a phone call can help improve a relationship. Text messaging falls into the second spot for mobile communications with 66 percent. Video messaging, social networking, emailing and video chatting complete the list.

The group of surveyed customers say that technology is improving their lives but sixty-nine of the group feel as though they don’t fully utilize all of the functions and services of their mobile device, and thirty-one percent of that group would like to better utilize the devices, but don’t know how. U.S. Cellular has created a program, the Better Moments Advisory Board, to assist their customers in better utilizing their phones.

U.S. Cellular is also working with parents to help teach their children to be more responsible with using their mobile devices. They have developed a Better Moments Parent-Child Agreement to help parents discuss cellphone usage with their children. Kimball added that along with the “numerous” benefits mobile devices offer parents and children, they also come along with “certain responsibilities.” He encourages parents and their children to “create an agreement that establishes acceptable guidelines that will help ensure they have nothing but Better Moments with wireless."

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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