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June 04, 2013

Android Shipments to Double in 2016 According to Analyst Report

CellAd Inc., a subsidiary of World Assurance Group, Inc., announced today that Android smartphone shipments will reach over 890 million by 2016, nearly double the 470 million that were shipped last year. The statement is due to a report from analyst Canalys.

Canalys released a report back in February that said, by 2016, total smartphone shipments will double. In 2012 total shipments reached 695 million, meaning Canalys predicts 1.3 million smartphones will be shipped in 2016. The report also predicts that 66 percent of those phones, or 890 million, will be Android. Though the total shipment is up, the predicted percentage is down from the 68 percent of those shipped in 2012.

Such a report benefits CellAd and its Android application Adkash, which directly rewards users for receiving advertisements on their phones. As the market for smartphones grows, and should Adkash expand to other platforms, CellAd will likely be able to expand their user base and their revenue.

Sean McVeigh, CEO of CellAd, said, "From a technology and market perspective, we are clearly on the right track and are at the right time to launch our exciting new services, such as AdKash. With beta trials confirming that our platform performs well on the Android environment with over 62,000 beta users viewing over 15 million adverts already, we can show advertisers a revolutionary, and far more cost effective, way to reach their audience.”

McVeigh went on to say, “We are clearly launching into a rapidly growing market given this report and the recent comments from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt that they expect to see close to one billion total android activations by the end of this year. Furthermore, Schmidt says that there are currently 320 carriers in 160 countries around the world that are selling Android devices and our application is global. We expect AdKash and other apps to go viral globally when people start to receive real and tangible benefits from our service."  

Edited by Alisen Downey

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