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June 06, 2013

Tangoe Introduces New Integrated MDM, Real-time Telecom Expense Management

The integration of mobile devices with company IT infrastructure means these devices have to be monitored more systematically. This not only protects company assets from being compromised, but it also allows organizations to make each user more efficient and cost effective.

The Tangoe communication management platform (CLM) manages and optimizes many of the processes and expenses for fixed and mobile communications. The new integrated version of Tangoe's mobile device management (MDM) and real-time telecom expense management (Tangoe rTEM) solutions gives enterprise costumers new features for increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Tangoe’s MDM has new capabilities that allow it to integrate with Samsung Safe, an enterprise-grade security and device management for Samsung devices. It also supports Enhanced Windows Phone 8 with an optimized user interface for a streamlined device activation process and display resolution. The support also allows the new BlackeBerry 10 devices with BDS synch for policy enforcement.

The Tangoe rTEM provides a carrier plan optimizer to give administrators the ability to choose the best carrier plan based on voice, SMS and data usage. The application-specific data tracking, gives administrators actionable data based on application usage and cost of operation.

The integration puts the MDM and the rTEM client applications on a single on-device application called Tangoe Mobile. The interface can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for the iOS and Android platforms by July 2013. This application gives end-users the ability to manage applications, track usage and receive IT notifications.

Tangoe Mobile gives organizations tools such as multiple geo-fence policies on each device. This also gives organizations with important security protocols the ability to implement automatic policy enforcement based on real-time device location tracking. With bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies increasingly being adopted by many organizations, this tool provides a level of protection of company assets.

"Many of Tangoe’s global enterprise customers are focused on growth via mobility in 2013, and they require real-time contextual awareness that optimizes mobile usage and protects their IP throughout the entire lifecycle of mobile devices and their applications. The combined functionality of our market-leading MDM and rTEM solutions address these issues and provides our enterprise customers with increased control over mobile devices entering the enterprise as well as real-time visibility into employee usage," said Al Subbloie, president, CEO and founder of Tangoe.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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