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June 11, 2013

Increase Profits with Your Mobile Device: 3D Marketing App

Mobility is changing the way businesses operate, whether they are small companies or large enterprises. With the new BYOD trend gaining momentum and the IT department creating a synchronized platform from the desktop to mobile device, the opportunities to increase productivity and revenue outside of the office-base are growing at rapid rates.

Kaon Interactive, a developer of interactive applications platform, has created a new 3D marketing app that embodies all of what Compuware stands for. The technology includes a system for integrating high-resolution photography as the textures of 3D product models, rendering these interactive photo-realistic models in real time. The platform also includes advanced content management and animation capability, as well as a cloud-based content distribution and update architecture.

These applications have catalogs of the company’s product offerings, as well as interactive solutions stories explaining how the company’s products are used in the customer’s environment to solve important business or technical challenges. This type of demonstration is especially popular for technology-based manufacturers like Cisco, which use the application to present its latest innovations.

Sales offices around the world use this technology to learn about a company’s products, in their own language, without having the products physically present in the office. The 3D marketing tool is also used in global launches and executive meetings to demonstrate the products, and even websites so that customers can get the utmost experience when researching about a specific company. (Check out this video to see how it works.)

According to Dr. Gavin Finn, the CEO of Kaon, its applications benefit marketing and sales organizations in several ways; organizations can improve both their marketing and sales effectiveness in a variety of ways by utilizing the 3D marketing app, which include:

Reducing or eliminating the cost of shipping products to trade shows, sales meetings, product launches, and customer events.

Re-using the Kaon assets across multiple venues so they don’t have to spend money building the same content over and over for different venues.

Reducing costs of localization by incorporating multiple language translations into the single application, so that only the text content is translated (using Kaon’s database-driven content architecture), rather than having to spend.

Improving the knowledge of every sales representative by elevating their ability to deliver an accurate and consistent value and differentiation message for every product – every time. Each sales representative becomes an expert in every product.

“Kaon’s solution is unique in a number of ways,” says Dr. Finn. “The first way is cross-platform reuse, which means that when a Kaon application is delivered, the content is available to be used not just on the device or operating system for which it was built, but across any number of devices and operating systems. No other solution delivers interactive 3D experiences cross-platform, without having to spend a great deal of time and money customizing each version.”

Among other features that set it apart from the rest of the marketing and sales tools available, Kaon’s platform delivers the useful data and analytics that marketing organizations can obtain anywhere. Rather than simply report on total visits to a website, for example, Kaon’s solution includes meaningful metrics such as engagement factors, which provides insights into how often and effectively users are accessing and using the applications in sales situations.

To learn even more information about the 3D marketing app and how a company can leverage it to drive sales, please visit Kaon Interactive.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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