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June 19, 2013

A Show on Every Mind, A TV in Every Pocket

Despite the alarmist cries of “Netflix is killing cable” and revolutionary calls to arms like, “Throw away your television and embrace the future of what you want when you want(!),” the fact of the matter is that cable providers aren’t as directly affected by streaming TV services as the loud-voiced futurists might have you think. Most Netflix subscribers also pay for a cable package in order to access the live and new programming as it airs.

The demand to be able to watch something when it is first happening is still there and very strong. But we’ve all been in the situation where we just aren’t near a TV when the game is on, or are two bus stops away from the living room when Hannibal starts. It’s the curse of mobility enacted upon a landscape that demands you sit in your living room at a specific time in order to get what you want.

The media industry, in an uncharacteristically forward-thinking effort called TV Everywhere, has figured it out with Dyle Mobile TV: a mobile device solution that can turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable TV. Not in the way streaming apps do, but by combining efforts with peripheral tuning devices that will allow the attached mobile device to snag television broadcasts from the airwaves and turn them into convenient entertainment without eating up wireless data.

Slowly spreading across the United States, Dyle recently announced that mobile owners in Miami will be able to tune in to sports, news and entertainment. This is on the heels of a similar announcement for Texas viewers who find that they are never home during prime time.

Combine this with other recent network developments -- like a renewed commitment to premium original content, the decision to invest in the normally dormant summer season with new, high-profile shows like Under The Dome, and making under-watched but critically acclaimed shows more accessible through partnerships with streaming providers like Amazon -- and what you get is an exciting second life for broadcast television that turns out to be as accessible and surprisingly vibrant as the competition.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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