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July 02, 2013

Unison Announces Communication Apps for Business People

Unison Technologies, Inc. has announced new mobile apps on iOS and Android devices specifically for business people. These apps will give companies the same communication abilities that consumers have received from the recently adopted mobile messaging apps. However, since businesses require more for their communication, the apps will also feature the security and structure needed by enterprises.

"We're seeing clear early evidence that the messaging trend will be as large in business as it has become among consumers," said Manlio Carrelli, CEO of Unison. "Just as consumers moved from email to social networks and now to fast messaging apps, we believe the same trend will play out in business, as a response to today's email and enterprise social network bloat."

Among some of the differences from consumer apps, Unison automatically connects teams to their co-workers on the same domain and enables IT departments to administer rights. Unison also has “rooms” which are essentially discussion groups. However unlike any group member being able to invite someone, all group members must be invited by the “owner” of the room. This allows group discussions to remain secure.

"Consumer hits like WhatsApp are great, but they don't fit the needs of a business environment," added Carrelli. "Unison's enterprise messaging tools are fast and secure, and we believe this will help businesses reduce emails and time-killing status update meetings in their organizations."

Some of the other features you’ll get with Unison’s communication apps include seeing who is online and available on almost any device, sending quick messages to an individual or a group and getting confirmation of said messages being read, posting photos to a group with the ability for group members to comment, and sending short voice messages with the press of a button.

Unison’s apps can be downloaded for free on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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