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July 03, 2013

Quixey Now Allows Sponsored Apps

Got an app on the market? Quixey may be your chance to shine.

Quixey, a smart search engine for apps, has just released Sponsored Apps, a new feature that will allow app developers to target potential users searching for apps like theirs. At this moment, Sponsored Apps is in the beta phase.

The concept behind it revolves around relevancy. When a user is most likely to make a download, your app will appear as an advertisement, as long as it's relevant to the user's search.

Sponsored Apps, which uses Quixey's main Functional Search feature, is the first advertising platform that actually targets users based on their search intent. This concept is known as “intent targeting,” and scoops up a sponsored app result that poses the most relevance to a particular query, meaning that users will be very likely to download that app instead of skipping to others or, eventually, leaving Quixey altogether.

Richard Gregory, EVP of revenue with Quixey, said, “The millions of apps already in the ecosystem continue to multiply across platforms, and as they do, the clutter also intensifies. It's now essential to provide users with the most relevant apps for their needs, right when they need them. With an in-app ad spend poised to read 7 billion dollars by 2015, Quixey aims to help the developer, the advertiser, and the user; traditional in-app advertising models which often display distracting banner ads don't accomplish that. Successful app discovery tailored to intent is the critical solution.”

Quixey's demonstrates a lot of promise, with more than 100 million queries per month coming from iPhone, Windows Phone, desktops, and Android, powered by Microsoft, Sprint, Ask.Com and other search providers.

“Because Quixey's search engine is only for apps, advertisers and developers have an innovative and powerful 'app context' to reach users in the market for apps across our publisher network,” Jim Delli Santi, product director of monetization at Quixey said. “At this volume of monthly searches, advertisers' ability to target by keyword and category provides a unique opportunity for their app to be discovered in a manner not available through any other app advertising solution.”

Edited by Lacey Henry

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