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July 05, 2013

Google Planning Multitasking Upgrade to Mobile YouTube App

What once seemed like a neat little video sharing website for Google has turned into a rather big business for the computing giant. YouTube has become popular enough and proved easy enough to monetize that Google has been spending quite a bit more time revamping and improving the site, both for mobile and desktop users. The newest upgrade Google has inserted into the mobile solution is the ability to multi-task when watching videos on the website.

This latest tweaking of its mobile application for YouTube is actually rumored to be part of a much bigger reworking of Google’s suite of mobile applications. The multitasking of the YouTube app could be just the first improvement that is coming down the pike fro the video sharing service. While it hasn’t been made official yet, the new YouTube app will give a better look and overall feel while offering up the ability to watch one video while scrolling through the site’s massive selection for the next video to watch.

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Over the last year, Google has clearly seen the benefit of YouTube become far more protective of their property to the point of even going to battle against large companies like Microsoft over the way those companies allow their customers to access the website.

This new tweak will allow a user to start watching a video, and after a short time a small arrow will appear in the top left corner of the mobile application. When the user taps that arrow a window will appear on the bottom left side. It is in this window that the user can scroll through more videos while the original video is still playing. This is certainly a small tweak to the way the YouTube mobile app works, but it is most likely a welcome one from the millions of people who use the website via mobile devices every day. At the moment, this particular enhancement is being made available for the iOS version only. There is no word on when or if it will be offered on Android devices as well.

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