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July 17, 2013

WRNTY's SupeRep App Now Compatible with Windows 8

WRNTY has released a new application for Windows 8 called SupeRep. The application is designed to address the growing demand from users to use a single device. 

WRNTY is a provider of mobile sales applications for clients. Its number one mobile sales rep application is SupeRep. The application allows customers to do everything from order taking, creating an eCatalog, goal tracking, access to reports, sync with their mobile device to align their calendar, e-mail, contacts and tasks, as well as, store information offline in case of a lack of connection.

Because the demand for on-the-go sales applications have become so popular, WRNTY has seen its customer base grow to include a wide range of customers, such as Steve Madden, Expose, Summit Golf, Crocs Israel and Gottex just to name a few. Since the company formed back in 2006, it has seen significant growth and has become a real contender in the CRM world with SupeRep, which is responsible for more than 20 percent of the company’s sales growth. Although the application remains number one in the app store, many customers wanted it to be compatible with more than just the iOS platform.

So, since 2011 the company has been working on expanding its services and now has finally created its first solution that will be available on both Windows 8 and mobile devices in the Windows store. This launch will allow more people to take advantage of using their own devices to stay on top of their sales teams.

Ofer Yourvexel, WRNTY’s CEO, said now that iOS and Windows have access to their services, Android users will be next. “"Being the global leader in our field obligates us to keep up with the growing BYOD trend and provide our users with the freedom to choose their device,” said Yourvexel. “This is the first step toward fulfilling our commitment to support all major platforms including Android by the end of 2013.”

Edited by Alisen Downey

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