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July 23, 2013

Celltick Monetization Technology Improves Home Screen Use

How much do you look at your home screen? If you’re like most, you depend on your mobile device for staying connected, grabbing information and being informed. As a result, your home screen has to work with you and for you, providing the information and ease-of-use you need for a productive day.

Fortunately, there’s a company out there that wants to make the experience even better, while providing an opportunity for vendors. Celltick, a provider of mobile initiated commerce, offers coupons for services and physical goods to consumers throughout the global marketplace on the home screen. The coupons received are based on the consumer’s location, preferences, behaviors and purchase patterns.

So innovative is the technology put in place by Celltick that the company was recently recognized as the winner in the Mobile Coupon category in the Future Mobile Awards by Juniper Research. This award acknowledges the outstanding contributions Celltick has made to the future of mobile commerce.

More than 50 mobile operators globally have already deployed Celltick’s LiveScreen and Active for Android to enable billions of annual transactions. With the Real Time Coupon Server, Celltick provides merchants with the value add they need to provide daily offers to customers based on what they actually want to receive.

Ramgopal Vidyanand (Anand), vice president of Marketing & Business Development, recently talked with Rich Tehrani in the TMC newsroom about his company’s solutions which allow operators to monetize their user’s home screens. The main goal is to provide opportunities for vendors based on providing consumers with access to the offers they actually want to see.

“We are a company 13 years young working primarily on being able to monetize the home screen on the mobile phone,” Anand shared. “The whole vision is about the fact that the home screen on the mobile phone is something that you see 100 times a day. What we do is partner with the carriers so we can help them in being able to distribute the application. We build an entire ecosystem around the home screen.”

The point here – and why Celltick is so successful – is that the company has designed its solutions not only for revenue generation, but also according to the needs and wants of the user.

“It intelligently places things that I use the most so that 80 percent of the things I use the most can be utilized with 20 percent of the effort,” said Anand.

To learn more about Celltick and its monetizing application, including a visual demonstration, check out this video in full.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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