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July 24, 2013

Make Mobile Content First or Be Left Behind

The rapid growth of mobile users and online data is staggering. As smartphones become more cost effective and accessible to a broader range of socio-economic groups, Internet access is often first available through mobile devices, opening a wide range of users to online brand experiences. Research data shows that by 2014 mobile Internet usage around the world will overtake desktop browsing and will grow by 66 percent each year. At this rate, content for mobile platforms first will become the industry norm. In keeping with this trend, talent agency Vitamin T, a division of Aquent, has produced the first interactive infographic that is truly built for mobile interaction.

According to Vitamin T president Susie Hall, "Companies can no longer afford to treat their brand's online mobile experience as an afterthought… If you want to reach your customers, you'd better be prepared to reach them where they live, with a tailored experience that best fits a mobile platform.”

Vitamin T said that using playful graphics and compelling mobile statistics, the infographic highlights the reality of marketing today.

For companies struggling to figure out how to integrate a mobile strategy into their own marketing, the infographic provides support for a mobile first approach to online marketing. It shows that 31 percent of U.S. mobile web users say it is the only way they get online and 99 percent of smartphone users say they use their browser at least one time per day

With a global insight into the changing digital job market, Vitamin T produced this infographic using digital creative talent, and the clients who hire them, in mind. It also emphasizes the need to adopt mobile skills and embrace new ways to adapt content for mobile consumption first.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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