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August 01, 2013

Tektronix Communications Helps Mobile Operators Deal with Big Data Analytics

To bring the latest advances in big data management in the 4G era to TMC readers, TMC CEO Rich Tehrani met with Tektronix Communications’ vice president of marketing, Laurence Alexander, at the CTIA 2013 show in Las Vegas. Here, Tehrani asked Alexander to talk about the latest 4G solutions Tektronix was presenting at the show.

Alexander first gave TMC chief a quick update on his company, whose main focus is on 4G and big data. The marketing executive said that Tektronix Communications has been in big data business for a long time and is helping operators understand what it means to them. Alexander indicated that Tektronix Communications has about 160 tier 1 customers around the world.

“Has Big Data help evolve your company?” Tehrani asked Alexander. “Absolutely,” was the marketing VP’s reply. Since big data is playing an important part in mobile network operation, Tektronix Communications has initiated a study to generate best practices guidelines for telecom operators when implementing big data analytics.

In fact, this study is being jointly conducted with the TM Forum since January 2013. It is part of TM Forum’s latest release of Frameworx 13, and contains two main sections. While the first section (Reference Model) illustrates the roadmap and processes required to deal with big data analytics, the second section contains a detailed set of business use cases, showing operators a variety of methods for extracting value from big data. In essence, it provides a comprehensive guidance for all operators on how to define from scratch, or refine their existing big data initiatives.

Next, Tehrani was interested in knowing how the work done by Tektronix Communications was helping its customers. Alexander gave an example of the company’s customer Care solutions portfolio that creates a more satisfying customer experience. It is a proactive solution that gives customers a better experience, noted the VP of marketing.

In conclusion, Alexander said that Tektronix Communications was launching a range of new solutions at the show. These include GeoSoft RAN virtual probe, Touchpoint, ProAction, Iris Traffic Analyzer (ITA) and Roaming and Interconnect Assurance (RIA) among others. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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