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August 01, 2013

MOBI Wireless Management Gains Recognition from Gartner

In a seemingly predictable turn of events, MOBI Wireless Management, a provider of enterprise mobility management services (MMS), recently received recognition by Gartner, Inc., in its “Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services” report. MOBI is still an up-and-coming company, but it managed to earn a placement within the Niche Players quadrant.

MOBI has the ball rolling in the right direction, with 100 percent customer loyalty due to its strong dedication to ensuring that its North American enterprise customers are satisfied with how it fulfills demands on mobility. Gartner also recognize MOBI for its sourcing processes, support services, technical expertise and third-party integrations, saying that it has managed to excel beyond its competitors in these levels.

Gartner's report says about managed mobility services that they “encompass the IT and process services provided by an external service provider (ESP) that are required to: plan, procure, provision, activate, manage and support mobile devices, network services and mobile applications.”

Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services is the first research paper coming from a third party that provides insight into the MMS market and compares providers. One quirk, though, is that Gartner's report concedes that there are no real leaders or challengers in the market for the moment since “providers need to invest more in people, processes, tools and awareness to better serve a growing global demand.”

Speaking of demand, the potential growth of the mobility management services market is hefty. Gartner's report has estimated that the amount of devices managed by external service providers will inflate by 50 percent in this year alone. MOBI seems to realize this, as its higher-ups are expecting similar patterns in growth, projected over coming years.

Mitch Black, president of MOBI Wireless Management, said, “As a pioneer in the managed mobility services market, we're thrilled with the light Gartner is casting on the market. Gartner is reinforcing the benefits of managed mobility services and has reinforced MOBI's position as an emerging service provider that leverages a mobile-exclusive legacy and collaborative innovation to successfully execute managed mobility solutions for our North American based enterprise clients. We believe customer collaboration will always drive continued solution development, software integrations, service, and organic global expansion – which in turn drives the development and maturity of the market.”

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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