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August 05, 2013

Study: By 2017 the SMS/MMS Security Gateway Market Will Grow By At Least Nine-Fold

Infonetics Research is an international market research and consulting firm that was founded in 1990. It is known for quickly adapting to market changes and there is no denying that is a must for today. Last week, on August 1,Infonetics Research released excerpts of the results of its biannual SMS/MMS security gateways report.

This report provides worldwide and regional market-sized forecasts for the next four years to 2017. It shows analysis and trends for short message service (SSM) and multimedia messaging service (MMS) security gateways by revenue.

This report also tracks SMS/MMS security gateways and firewalls made by AdaptiveMobile, Anam, Cellusys, Cloudmark, Mahindra, Oracle/Tekelec, Protei and Symsoft as well as several others.

Jeff Wilson is principle analyst for security at Infonetics Research. He said “With nearly 10 trillion SMS/MMS messages being generated annually worldwide, SMS spam, mobile malware and SMS-generated multi-vector threats are an ever-increasing problem. But many mobile carriers haven’t yet invested in SMS/MMS security solutions, representing a large greenfield opportunity for makers of security gateways. We’re expecting global revenue for SMS/MMS security gateways to grow at a staggering 55 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2012 to 2017.”

Some of the highlights from the SMS/MMS Security Gateways Market report are as follows:

Economic, regulatory and attack conditions are just now coming together in a way that is driving carriers to seriously evaluate and begin deploying SMS/MMS security gateway solutions

Worldwide, the SMS/MMS security gateway market totaled $41 million in 2012 and is forecast by Infonetics to explode to $363 million by 2017

The crowded vendor landscape includes full mobile messaging security solutions from companies like Cloudmark and AdaptiveMobile as well as SMS firewalls from a wide range of telecom equipment vendors

If you are interested in reading the entire report you will have to go to Infonetics Research and purchase it.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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