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August 06, 2013

DaisAlert Picks Aeris Communications as Cellular Provider

Aeris Communications, the company behind a cellular network created specifically for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, has recently announced that DaisAlert has chosen its network to serve its cellular-based monitoring devices that send customers alerts via Twitter on their mobile phones.

Kevin Anderson, president and CEO of DaisAlert, said, “We chose to work with Aeris because their network offers us the reliability we require. Aeris' nationwide seamless coverage, sophisticated tools, and visibility make it an optimal match for DaisAlert.”

DaisAlert produces and sells its own line of M2M devices that come right out of the box with all of the features that customers need. One of its offers, known as a managed service solution, gives customers access to various technologies such as GPS, alerts, and recording. The devices can be configured to deliver information via SMS.

DaisAlert has many customers, particularly in the construction and security industries, which rely heavily on sensors and surveillance. Its devices will send plain text alerts to mobile phones through Twitter, allowing customers to be notified of situations at any time from any place. During intruder break-ins, DaisAlert's devices can sense motion and body temperature changes, sending message alerts and triggering any other mechanism necessary to collect evidence of the event. Residential customers can use the devices to notify customers of any flooding or power failures that happen in their homes while on vacation.

Because of its specialization within the M2M community, Aeris has service plans available that are both scalable and accessible for companies like DaisAlert. As the owner and operator of its own network, Aeris has the unique ability to fully adapt to the needs of its M2M customers.

Aeris Communications' VP of sales, Mark Cratsenburg, said, “Aeris Is the best network for machines, providing maximum flexibility and reliability at a level the other national carriers cannot match. But a great network is not enough. We work closely with customers like DaisAlert to design, deploy, and maintain an M2M application that is unique to their technical and business challenges.”

Edited by Rich Steeves

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