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August 12, 2013

A New iPhone App Can Give You That Pregnancy 'Glow'

Couples that are ready to procreate have to schedule their together time carefully. Thanks to a new iPhone app named "Glow," women can more easily target their optimum conception time.

Glow was developed by Max Levchin, a co-founder of PayPal, and funded by $6 million in venture capital. Levchin released the app on August 12, and he wants to include wearable tech components in future upgrades.

Women can update the Glow app with crucial data, such as the timing of their last menstrual periods. As women input more data, the app more accurately predicts their body's fertility cycle. For example, Glow populates a calendar to display dates for a woman's period and suspected optimum ovulation day.

In addition to supplying their genetic material, fathers-to-be can use the Glow app to be supportive during the conception process. For example, the app generates a fun daily checklist including line items such as, "Stay out of the hot tub! Heat kills sperm!" and suggests that men "Try to recreate your first date." 

Some observers have remarked that Glow could help women achieve work-life balance. As women work to establish their careers, they often choose to postpone pregnancy. After the age of 35, one in three women will experience infertility. The infertility industry rakes in about $5 billion per year, and the cost of infertility treatment can be prohibitive.

To address these costs, in addition to releasing the Glow app, Levchin kicked in $1 million to start the Glow First fund. Levchin envisions Glow First as a non-profit that allows infertile couples to pool their risk with healthy couples. For example, all couples contribute $50 per month, and contributions stop either when the couple conceives or after 10 months.

Couples that don't conceive after 10 months can then use funds from a Glow First grant to seek infertility treatment at an accredited medical clinic. The only catch is that Glow First contributors must remain active users of the app throughout the contribution period.

Women can download the Glow app in the App Store. They can then send an e-mail invite to their partners.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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