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August 26, 2013

New LifeStyles iPhone App Gives Seniors Geo-mapping Solutions

According to the AARP, the first of the baby boom generation reached retirement age in 2011, and for the next 18 years around 8,000 of them will be turning 65 every single day. That is 2,920,000 a year and a total of 52,560,000 by the end of the 18 years. While seniors have the lowest adoption rate for computer technology, smartphones have been accepted by this group more readily.

Organizations providing services for senior citizens are taking advantage of this opportunity by creating applications designed to provide solutions for this demographic. New LifeStyles, an established source for senior living options providing comprehensive, quality information on senior communities and care options, has created an iPhone app that provides an updated geo-mapping system that allows users to see available senior community or healthcare providers around them based on a user's current location.

Finding the best senior living environment for the elderly can be very difficult. With so many options available to the consumer it is critical to explore all possible options before making a hasty decision.

New LifeStyles has been providing information for seniors for almost 30 years. The first print guide was released in 1987 followed by the launch of their website in 1995. The new digital guide is available as an iPhone application for free.

As the ultimate source for seniors, the New LifeStyles app provides the print version digitally so seniors and their family members can search for the best resource using their smartphone, tablet or personal computer with a fully interactive functionality with all the facilities listed in the app.

The facilities are color-coded to identify the different types of services they provide. Because not all senior centers are created equal, they must be vetted in order to find out if they have the capability of caring for individuals with conditions such as Alzheimer's, paralysis, psychiatric care, and more. The search can be customized based on a specific region or type of care suited for the individual.

"An individual’s search for a qualified senior living community often begins with a sudden loss-of-health event that injects urgency and confusion – often resulting in poor and costly choices. Even when there is time for a leisurely review, the attempt to make viable comparisons can seem bewildering. With these new digital channels, users can make fast and well-informed decisions from anywhere. No other senior living search resource offers all of these advanced options," said Doug Fusella, president and COO of New LifeStyles.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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