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September 12, 2013

Advanced Voice Processor Targets Mobile Computing

Voice and audio processing solutions provider Audience, Inc. unveiled the world's first advanced voice processor for tablets, ultrabooks and other similar mobile computing devices. Armed with a suite of voice processing technologies, the earSmart eS320 has been designed to dramatically improve the user experience of voice-enabled applications across the new wave of innovative PC form factors entering the market.

The earSmart eS320 features advanced voice processing based on the science of human hearing, enabling computing devices to hear in a manner similar to the way humans do. In fact, technologies enabling this performance in compact mobile devices include 360 degrees Voice, Super Wideband noise suppression and PC optimized Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

In a statement, Robert Schoenfield, vice president of marketing and business development, Audience, said, "Advanced Voice has an important role to play in modern computing platforms, such as convertibles, ultrabooks, and tablets, especially for VoIP applications like Skype, and speech-to-text programs which are becoming common for productivity. The consumer's desire for a consistent user experience, regardless of their location, requires Audience's best-in-class voice experience, and the earSmart eS320 delivers on this demand."

Unlike legacy solutions that require three or more microphones to achieve required performance, the earSmart eS320 delivers 360-degree voice performance using just two microphones, allowing users to move freely around their device while preserving voice quality. Manufacturers also have greater flexibility with regard to microphone placement, which can lower production costs and reduce limitations on the device's industrial design, according to Audience.

For high-quality VoIP experiences, the earSmart eS320 features Super Wideband noise suppression, which enables users to make and take ultra-clear VoIP calls in nearly any environment. In addition, acoustic echo cancelation and de-reverb allows users to drastically reduce annoying double-talk and echo effects in larger, resonant spaces, explained Audience.

Audience said that its ASR Assist technology addresses the most difficult challenges faced by speech recognition applications such as voice search and speech-to-text. In particular the speech recognition engine often fails to recognize spoken words and complete the assigned task because of disruptive background noise. The company’s custom hardware-accelerated algorithms help to cleanly isolate the speaker's voice from surrounding environmental noise, which can dramatically improve the word recognition accuracy and task improvement, noted Audience.

Designed specifically for PCs and Android based devices, the earSmart eS320 works across companion PC codecs as well. The developer indicated that consumer devices equipped with the earSmart eS320 are expected to be in the market in the fourth quarter.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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