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September 17, 2013

Dovado Boosts 4G Hotspot Performance

Dovado, a maker of mobile broadband routers and software for 4G and 3G operators, has announced a new category of 4G pocket mobile (Mi-Fi) hotspots.

"4G mobile hotspots alone are great for outdoor use, yet with the assistance of our innovative routers, they can achieve their full potential in indoor settings" said Erik Arthur, CEO of Dovado. "By connecting the mobile hotspot to a Dovado router, customers are able to access a truly amplified experience of their existing 4G mobile Internet thanks to greater WiFi coverage, Ethernet access and significantly higher speeds."

Portable Mi-Fi hotspots are designed to allow Wi-Fi only devices to connect to 4G networks, wherever they happen to be, as well as share the connections with other Wi-Fi users.

These devices, marketed by various wireless carriers, do have some limitations, including limited Wi-Fi range and limited number of devices. They also lack wired Ethernet connectors, which limits compatibility with legacy devices.

Dovado’s new Mi-Fi router solves these problems. It connects to devices from Huawei, ZTE and Sierra wireless via a USB cable, eliminating the Wi-Fi bottleneck. It supports up to 32 users, compared with most portable hotspots that only support 5-10 users.

The USB cable will also charge the mobile hotspot. When customers do take their hotspot on the go, they’ll have the maximum charge possible to take advantage of the portability of their devices.

Where hotspots are limited to 25-30 Mbps, the router allows for speeds of over 100 Mbps, allowing for truly broadband speeds, further eliminating the bottleneck from these hotspots.

Dovado has a released a new firmware update to its routers, version 7.1, to give them support for Mi-Fi devices.

Dovado also introduced a router of its own, the PRO 4G. The router, in addition to offering mobile broadband, allows for “smart home” functions such as controlling lights remotely.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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