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September 19, 2013

Viper Networks Seeing Success in Wireless

There is very little doubt that the demand for wireless Internet will continue increasing. One study shows that wireless Internet access points are going to hit 15 million by the end of 2018. Companies like Viper Networks are reaping the benefit in a very big way. Viper recently announced that its revenue rate has hit $6 million annually, mainly because U.S. wireless project demand is only increasing. That rate seems to be keeping up nicely with the demand for Wi-Fi projects in other parts of the globe.

In the last few months of this year alone, Viper says that it had acquired contracts that would earn it about 1.26 million since May. The company says that its established contracts will earn it revenues of about $500,000 per month moving forward. Viper Networks also said that it expects to see further expansion of its projects moving forward.

Wireless Internet, especially in the public sector is about as popular as it has ever been. Some governments are experimenting with putting Wi-Fi access points in areas that never would have been equipped before. Staten Island just recently starting getting Wi-Fi access points in its terminals and New York seems to be leading the way in getting public Wi-Fi set up.

Viper is also doing quite a bit of work in the less public side the tech sector as well. The company has launched a number of wireless cell towers, providing 3G as opposed to Wi-Fi. The company has also gotten contracts in the electrical wiring and maintenance sections of the business sector.

The company also launched an LED pilot project in Sri Lanka earlier this year and it is looking to move forward in that particular vertical as well. Farid Shouekani, president and CEO of Viper Networks, Inc, talked about his companies moves in a recent release saying, "After our successful LED pilot programs in the U.S. and Sri Lanka, we look forward to securing our first LED order abroad and showcasing the quality of our LED light products on a much larger scale."

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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