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September 24, 2013

Boingo Wireless Acquires Advanced Wireless Group

Boingo Wireless is well known as one of the top Wi-Fi providers in the country when it comes to offering up these kinds of services in public areas. Now the company has announced that it is strengthening its hold on the market with the acquisition of Advanced Wireless Group. Advanced Wireless Group is known as the second largest airport Wi-Fi provider in the United States. While the deal has not officially closed, it is expected to be made completely official by the end of the fourth quarter of 2013.

Boingo had probably already been considered the number one company in the world when it came to airport Wi-Fi. By acquiring such a strong company located in the United States, Boingo becomes that much more of a juggernaut. Boingo has been working on getting its next generation Wi-Fi out to as many locations as possible. The combining of offerings and services that Advanced Wireless Group was covering will only help those endeavors.

“Wireless infrastructure at the airport has become more than an Internet connection for travelers; it is a primary touch-point between the airport and its passengers,” said David Hagan, CEO of Boingo Wireless in a recent release. “Adding AWG’s airport portfolio to our own will help us to reach scale more quickly with a wide array of services that leverage the wireless infrastructure to help airports better serve those passengers.”

The president of Boingo Wireless, Nick Hulse added that this merger will allow for resources to be put in closer proximity to all end user airports. By expanding the company’s reach, management will be able to respond quicker and easier to issues that may arise for any number of reasons.

AWG is currently in charge of the public Wi-Fi services in some of the bigger cities in the United States. The company has a foothold in places like Boston, Los Angeles, Omaha, Oakland, Miami and San Diego. These will all now be markets that Boingo will be able to expand their offerings.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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