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September 24, 2013

PeerApp to Assist in Faster iOS 7 Updates

The caching and delivery company PeerApp is helping Apple iPhone users make the change over to iOS 7, with the use of its UltraBand technology. This is extremely helpful for Apple users, because, not only is the iPhone using iOS 7, but so is other Apple products, such as iPads and iPods.

On Sept. 18 of this year, Apple announced that it was releasing the new operating system, iOS 7, and millions of people around the world tried to install the latest and greatest, only to find congestion on local networks that were only able to download the new software at a very slow speed, if at all. This all was due to the demand being too great for the server and network capacities. The PeerApp UltraBand prevents this type of congestion by automatically storing and serving larger files from within an operators’ access network.

PeerApp showed the following data from its global customers: network traffic increased 23 to 60 percent following the iOS 7 release, operators using UltraBand provided 99 percent of the updates from cache that eliminated traffic spikes, caching accelerated downloads by four to 10 that resulted in five to 12 minute downloads instead of the expected 50 minutes, and, in the first 24 hours, PeerApp systems performed ten million iOS 7 updates.

Scott Griffith, the product manager of broadband and data services at GCI, Alaska’s largest provider of Internet services, said of the transition to the new operating platform, "I can't think of another event that had so much overnight impact. During the height of the iOS 7 surge, we saw traffic increase by over 60 percent in some locations. PeerApp's UltraBand allowed us to meet customer expectations and the spike in demand with no network impacts."

A broadband Internet services provider from Illinois, CASSCOM, said, "We were anticipating that event. Our IT manager, Mark Brown, was watching it in real time and was pleased with PeerApp UltraBand's performance."

Edited by Alisen Downey

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