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September 24, 2013

ExteNet Systems Brings 3G/4G LTE to AEG Locations

Today, a growing number of people are using their smartphones to share the moments they experience during concerts and sporting events with the world. For this, they need a significant amount of bandwidth to carry their signals to their destinations. This can only be done through networks that can compensate for the high demands of smartphone users.

For this reason, ExteNet Systems, Inc., a provider of wireless networks, recently announced an agreement with AEG, an operator of many concert and sports venues in the world. In this agreement, ExteNet will have the ability to establish its presence in AEG locations in the U.S. by building networks that will provide strong, reliable wireless coverage to people going to these venues.

ExteNet hopes to get wireless carriers to use its network to provide strong signal coverage to their customers while facing the demands of attendees at AEG sporting events and concerts. The network will also provide Wi-Fi under some circumstances, providing an alternative form of coverage that tends to be the preference of users who don't opt into a plan that has wireless 3G/4G LTE Internet access.

What makes this important is the fact that stadiums often don't capture the best wireless signals. And because of the large amount of attendees to these events, any bandwidth-providing services tend to experience an enormous amount of traffic. This overloads the network and makes the process of sending and receiving packets a tedious and slow one. To minimize attendee frustration, ExteNet's network will muster up a significant amount of transmission power for guests.

Denise Taylor, CTO at AEG, is rather excited about this agreement: “AEG Prides itself on operating some of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world and our ability to provide our guests superior and reliable mobile and wireless connectivity is an important way for us to greatly enrich their entertainment experience.”

Edited by Alisen Downey

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