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September 26, 2013

Apriorit Advances in VIMo Technology

Although the mobile industry has been seeing the benefits of virtualization technology for years, mobile virtualization technology (VIMo) is still developing. Most recently, it has been used on mobile phones or connected wireless devices, allowing them to be able to run multiple operating systems and/or devices at the same time.

Basically, imagine you have two phones. One is a personal phone used for all of your day-to-day calls with friends and family. The other is a business phone used strictly for business e-mails, conversations and employee-to-employee messages. Sometimes it can be difficult to switch between the two. Mobile virtualization supports multiple domains and operating systems on the same hardware – meaning that enterprise IT department heads can securely manage one domain and the mobile operator can manage the other.

Additionally, it gives developers a powerful new tool to build applications on, increase security, extend application life, and more all in one place. One company, Apriorit, a research and development partner of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), announced that it has completed the next stage of its own VIMo project designed to help with the development of a micro VMM (Virtual Machine Monitor) for mobile systems.

This will allow users to run both RTOS and GPOS operating systems at the same time. This idea of switching back and forth between multiple operating systems while keeping the same place in the last task you were working on is relatively new.

"This approach was absolutely unexplored and required deep investigation. No analogues, no research documents - we needed an exclusive solution," says Dr. Ahn, Chang-Won, principal researcher of ETRI. "When Apriorit team arrived to Korea, to our laboratory, and presented the working solution, we were happy and at the same time astonished: it was very hard to imagine that this task could be finished just in 6 person-months!"

Although this technology is still actively being worked on, the fact that tests seem to be going well is an indication of a soon to be released VIMo solution for all mobile users.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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