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September 27, 2013

Sygic Releases Free GPS App for India

Driving in India can be described with many adjectives (most of them colorful), but most drivers there can agree that it is a life experience. Fraught with activity, noise, people, animals, and near misses, “safe” may be one of the last words used to describe it. One company, Sygic, is hoping to make driving in India a safer and more pleasant experience for both tourists and the country’s 60 million Android users.

Sygic India: GPS Navigation, an offline mobile mapping service, is now being offered to users for free. Unlike several other apps, the service will be available offline, just like a traditional, stand-alone GPS system (without the hefty price tag that comes with it). This not only makes it possible for users to maintain continued service through rural areas or areas that have poor mobile reception, it also helps them to avoid reaching data caps.

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Some of the features of Sygic India are those that are essential to a costly GPS system (and a few premium features that may surpass the features of some paid-for systems): voice guidance in over 40 languages, turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS navigation, speed limit display and audio warning, an interactive map, sharp curve warnings, 3D cities and landscapes, and even help finding nearby assistance. Additional features include: pedestrian navigation, the ability to avoid toll roads, roadblocks, and motorways, lane guidance to help users select the correct lane, and notification of upcoming speed limit change.

The CEO of Sygic, Michal Stencl, is enthusiastic about what the app will mean for India: “By making our advanced navigation app available to millions of users for free, Sygic is helping countries like India become a safer, more enjoyable place to travel.”

Google Play has registered over 30,000,000 downloads worldwide for Sygic, which touts itself “the world’s most downloaded offline navigation app.” The app has a rating of 3.8 in Google Play.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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