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September 27, 2013

Telrad Teams up with PCS to Enhance Broadband Solutions

Mobile wireless and telecommunications solutions provider Telrad Networks has teamed up with Minnesota-based systems integrator PCS Technologies to offer an easy to deploy and cost-effective broadband solution for operators and Internet service providers.

As a result of Telrad and PCS collaborating, broadband network operators will experience the means necessary to enhance their competitive strength and performance thanks to a range of frequencies being available, the maximum being 6 GHz.

Under the partnership, PCS Technologies will be able to provide its customers with Telrad's carrier-grade base stations and core network solutions, which operate in the sub-6 GHz bands and thus allowing for a reliable wireless broadband connection. Telrad's compact, all-in-one and all-outdoor base stations make 4G performance more efficient and allow for scalability, high capacity and better coverage.

PCS Technologies customers will also have access to end-user equipment such as BreezeCOMPACT and BreezeMAX, both of which can easily being installed and offer users increased coverage made possible through a high gain antenna design. For example, BreezeCOMPACT can support the 3.65-3.7 GHz range and has enhanced capabilities including spectrum analyzer and Dynamic Channel Selection.

Telrad obtained access to both Breeze products when it acquired Alvarion's broadband wireless access division earlier this year. Since then Telrad has been meeting with key partners and working hard to deliver a smooth transition, according to Telrad CEO Ran Bukshpan in a press release.

"We are very appreciative of experienced partners like PCS Technologies, whose team already has an in-depth understanding of our product features and benefits – without any added training requirements," Bukshpan said in a statement."This partnership will most certainly strengthen our business growth in the U.S. this year and beyond."

Telrad Networks recently partnered with another systems integrator called Wireless Connections to continue to provide broadband wireless services to operators, Internet service providers and end-users customers in North and Latin America.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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