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October 01, 2013

BlackBerry Opens Online Sales for Q10 and Z10 Phones

BlackBerry, a company that was once championed for its excellent phones, is now a thrall of the market, struggling to regain its former glory in the smartphone kingdom. To achieve conquest, it must inch its way towards a higher market share, and things are not looking good for it as more people set out to buy Android and iOS devices. The advantages of having a BlackBerry were undermined by the convenience of having a phone open to tons of apps and development.

In its attempts to re-saturate the consumer market for smartphones, BlackBerry releases the Z10 – codenamed “BlackBerry London” - in January 31, 2013, which sports a touchscreen that greatly contrasts the tactile keyboards found in previous models.

Today, BlackBerry decided to put its touchscreen Z10 and tactile Q10 models up for sale on its own website for the first time, a move that hopefully will boost its sales and work against carriers' intentions to remove BlackBerry phones from their stock. T-Mobile in particular has already announced last week that it will not include BlackBerry smartphones as part of its stock because of a drop in consumer demand. The company has said that it will still get devices that customers request exclusively, but it will no longer include them in its offer.

Things are not looking good for BlackBerry, as sales drop even in its most productive market: Latin America. Sales are going down and the losses reflect that clearly.

BlackBerry's phones will be sold unlocked, meaning that customers can use them with any carrier they want. Although this sounds like a good selling point, these phones are not cheap, and we must also take into account that customers don't really have any problems being locked to a carrier to avoid paying a premium price for unlocked versions. The company's situation is dire, and if BlackBerry doesn't act fast, it could face extinction.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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