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October 03, 2013

LRC Wireless Becomes SCADA-Aware Mobile Reseller for Recursion Software

As the world gets more connected, and more information is available in real-time from machine-to-machine (M2M) installations as well as employees with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, it becomes extremely important to control conditions and make the appropriate notifications in case of an emergency. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems combine software and hardware components to process data and make notifications when conditions exceed preconfigured limits. 

LRC Wireless, a system integrator of wireless communication systems and services for Motorola Communication Equipment, has joined the SCADA-Aware Mobile resellers program from Recursion Software in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

The Recursion SCADA platform allows companies to communicate more effectively when an emergency takes place by providing a secure, real-time, and reliable mobile notification and information sharing system. Notifying the right personnel during a time of crisis gives organizations the ability to address the emergency as soon as possible and limit the damage to a minimum. Because virtually everyone in today's business environment has a mobile device, the SCADA-Aware Mobile solution leverages a tool that is easily accessible and can be exploited to maximize the resources of an organization.

Using SCADA-Aware Mobile as an emergency communications solution provides:

  • Maximum reliability of alarm message delivery through the push-pull technology
  • Better, more informed decision through secure access to real-time data with historical and related data with alarm
  • Faster response using GPS-based alarm delivery with a complete alarm life-cycle audit
  • Elimination of duplicate responses due to immediate visibility of who owns the alarm as well as a one button acknowledgment with immediate visibility and alarm specific delay definitions
  • Regulatory and procedural compliance

Recursion provides a secure client connectivity that is able to detect on-call users' availability and interact with alarms on a single device without having to use a browser on a mobile device as both client and server. The company's SCADA solution can be implemented for: oil and gas; building management; waterworks and wastewater management; factories and production lines; fire detection control systems; power stations; healthcare; transportation; and many other industries.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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