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October 10, 2013

Mobile Messaging Solutions: Helping Businesses Get Smart with Mobile Engagement

Mobile devices have joined keys and wallets as essential belongings for the 21st century inhabitant. Being able to instantly connect to friends, family, information, entertainment, and vendors has transformed the way people and organizations interact. For businesses, then, it only makes sense to meet customers on this mobile plane.

This is where Mobile Messaging Solutions (MMS) comes in. The company has dedicated itself to providing smart mobile engagement solutions for enterprises of all sizes. MobilityTechzone recently caught up with Shiv Verma, director of carrier solutions and business development at MMS, at SpeechTek in New York, where the company was exhibiting its suite of mobile chat, SMS and CRM services.

Messaging is complex, Verma said, and it all depends on what a company wants to do with it. Believe it or not, text messaging is a highly preferred avenue of communication and can serve a variety of potential purposes for all types of organizations.

For example, Verma told us of a recent application of MMS’s solutions by the Seattle Seahawks, who implemented a mobile solution to enable SMS reporting for unruly fan behavior. Fans merely had to text any complaints to a short code number to receive immediate response from Century Link field security officers. Communicated entirely via text, fans were able to remain anonymous, assuring them of their safety and encouraging participation. As a result, disorderly fan behavior has dropped significantly.

Similarly, Verma explained how MSS worked with Bell Mobility to provide a self service channel for customers to manage their mobility accounts all through text messaging and the mobile Web. For example, users would receive critical account notifications via text, such as high usage alerts and other mobile status updates. Combined with a mobile application, Bell’s customers were able to easily view and pay account balances; monitor voice, data and text usage; and manage features.

This type of interaction technology lends itself naturally to other aspects of the customer service sector, wherein customers can text inquiries or service requests to a short or long code and keyword recognition algorithms can auto-trigger immediate responses. Should those not be enough, the request can then be served up to a live agent. 

The value here is obvious: Helping those who can be helped quickly and easily through an easy to use and highly accessible channel creates both happy customers and considerable operational savings. Mobile Messaging Solutions is both willing and able to help companies build an intelligent mobile roadmap to this end.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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