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October 16, 2013

CalAmp, General Dynamics Broadband to Offer Wireless 4G LTE Products Globally

As the next evolution of mobile network communication technology, 4G LTE is able to provide a more reliable platform for the way in which we communicate today. Public and private networks are in a race to build the infrastructure to deliver the improved services 4G LTE offers. CalAmp, provider of wireless products, services and solutions, and General Dynamics (GD) Broadband, a provider of mobile virtualization software for securing wireless communications, applications, and content, have formed a partnership to provide customized versions of CalAmp's high-performance multi-carrier broadband routers.

Under the partnership agreement, the CalAmp Multi-Mode Fusion LTE 4G Broadband Router Platform for public and private communication networks will be the first product offered to GD global customers for supporting mission-critical public safety, defense and industrial applications.

Fusion LTE Broadband Router is a high-performance multi-band LTE router that provides optimal connectivity with a single flexible platform capable of addressing many different wireless communication solutions with over-the-air configuration and system monitoring. It can deliver 4G speeds with wireless data connectivity over public and private LTE cellular networks.

Some of the features of the Fusion router include:

  • Band 14 LTE for private infrastructure and band 13 or 17 LTE for public infrastructure
  • Superior RF performance with MIMO capabilities
  • Three Ethernet ports support LAN configurations that provide for the unique requirements of third-party VPN middleware providers.
  • ODP partitioned flash and API for custom applications
  • Secure IPSec VPN connectivity
  • Internal expansion slot for embedded devices
  • Autonomous WAAS enabled GPS with local and host reporting

The router also has an optional 802.11 b/g or b/g/n Wi-Fi interface to provide connectivity for IP applications to allow different options for connections. External peripherals such as Zigbee and Bluetooth can be connected using the dual USB 2.0 host interfaces and be managed with a web-based management and configuration interface.

"The versatility of our Fusion broadband router enables a wide range of mission-critical applications for GD Broadband infrastructure customers, providing exceptional performance with highly reliable network connectivity. CalAmp's multi-carrier solution allows GD Broadband customers to connect to both private and public LTE networks with a single device platform," said Mike Zachan, general manager of CalAmp's Wireless Networks business.

General Dynamics Broadband software is deployed in more than 1.5 billion devices around the world, protecting assets for governments and corporations with a platform that ensures secure wireless access and protecting everything that runs on the device.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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